Whitby Landscaping Contractor Explains How To Stay Fit

So many people may understand that exercise is incredibly important to your health, there are numerous studies on the subject foretelling the benefits to both your body and mind. We had the opportunity to speak with a Whitby landscaping contractor who explained a great way to stay fit – landscaping!

Now, anyone who has every had the opportunity to perform manual, physical labour should know that it takes quite a lot of effort to get the job done. From carrying heavy bags of cement, to hauling buckets filled with gravel, the labour can certainly take its toll. Landscaping is one job that requires a considerable amount of physical effort.

whitby landscaping contractor hard at work

Carrying Loads

One of the most common landscaping tasks is carring heavy loads from one spot to another. This can come in the form of carrying:

  • Pavers
  • Fertilizers
  • Mulch
  • Planters
  • Sod
  • Equipment & tools
  • Sod
  • and more.

Carrying all of these items from the supply store to the truck can really be one way to work out your body while performing the task of landscaping. It’s important however to remember when lifting heavy objects such as these that a person uses proper lifting-form – you want to optimize your bodies natural method of lifting objects like this and use your legs to lift the load while your back remains as straight as is possible to brace the load. This can take some practice so if this is new territory you should look up how to squat or perform a deadlift to get the idea.

Performing Work

The other most strenuous and physically demanding task of landscaping is actually performing the work. When it comes time to landscape the most common tool in the trade is the shovel, and digging is one heck of a work out. Another sweat-inducing project is executing detailed paver arrangements, where one Whitby landscaping contractor must be always lifting, carrying, and carefully placing heavy pavers. This takes a lot of core stabilization and is generally a full-body workout.

If you’re young and looking to burn some calories this summer you should definitely consider a part-time job as a landscaping helper, you’ll gain some valuable insight into the trade and spend a lot of time outdoors as well!

Advanced Techniques Professional Wall Mural Painters Employ

Painting a mural on a large scale requires some special consideration beyond simply attempting to free hand the painting in a large format. There are a few ways that painters will execute their wall murals and enlargement is always part of the process. How does a mural painter go about enlarging their artwork to wall mural format in order for it look perfect on their target wall? There are two commonly used methods; projection or a grid.

mural painters rendering a wall mural after image projection


Projection is probably the most utilized method of enlarging imagery onto large surfaces. Simply put, a projector is used to project the image onto the surface that the mural will be painted on. This is the absolute best way to paint a mural as it allows for any final corrections to be made before the actual painting is rendered. The mural can be seen exactly as it will end up on the surface, say with a few shadows caused by surface features. The work must be carried out at night to allow for the projection to be easily seen. Once the image is projected on the wall  the mural painters will do the outline of the mural allowing them to do the bulk of the painting work during the day time.

Grid Systems

A grid system is another common method of enlarging a mural onto the surface of a wall. This is commonly employed in areas where projection would be difficult. The system is simple enough, each portion of the mural is broken down into grid spaces and each grid space is painted onto the wall sequentially allowing for an accurate depiction of the mural on the surface. The problem with using a grid rather than projection is that a grid can be rendered incorrectly due to human error, whereas a projection the painter simply traces the image as it’s projected onto the surface

These are the two most common forms of image enlargement used during the initial rendering phase of wall mural artwork.

How To Find Reliable Commercial Window Cleaners in Toronto

Many people are unreliable, and in the world of flyby night operations it’s easy to stumble across providers that are less than concerned about being there for you down the road. This problem is exemplified in the Toronto, Ontario region with many would be contractors starting out after only working a few days at a real job, thinking they can venture out on their own and make a big break. After all they see their bosses making big bucks and figure they can do it to. Avoiding this sort of thing is exactly what you’ll want to do if you are seeking reliable commercial window cleaner in Toronto. There are a few key indicators that you’ve found the right window cleaners, here they are in a nutshell before we dig into the reasons why:

  • Properly insured
  • Competent, sizeble team
  • Referrals from previous customers
  • Uniformed and professional

Read on to find out why these points matter.

not quite a commercial window cleaner in toronto

Are They Fully Insured?

Insurance is a very important part of being a window cleaning company, and making certain that the service provider in questions is fully insured should be your first step. Double-check their details by calling the company that has insured them to be extra confident they are covered.

How Many Workers Do They Have?

Finding out how many teams the company has is a good idea, is it just one guy and his truck? Do they have multiple teams on the go? This is a basic question that will allow you to determine whether the company is just starting out and is going to be a reliable choice for your window cleaning service. A contractor with a large crew will undoubtedly be in the game for awhile and will generally be a good fit for a commercial property looking for reliable, quality window cleaning services.

Do They Have Referrals?

Another great way to get an idea about a company is to speak with their past customers. If they have any referrals for you to talk to definitely take advantage of the opportunity to talk with them. Ask them how long they’ve used the service, exactly where they are cleaning windows, and if they’ve ever encountered any problems with their service. If they have had any problems with their service it’s important to remember how the company dealt with it, in fact if they did have a problem and the company dealt with it well then this is a good indication of an established company.

Are They Uniformed?

Uniforms are a pretty good indication that a company has invested in themselves, this means a company that plans on being in existence for awhile. This is a good sign you’ve found reliable commercial window cleaners in Toronto rather than a company which will go out of business in a few weeks.